Streamer Bars

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Suppliers: Needham Ag Technologies

Benefits Of Streamer Bars

Accuracy: Streamer bars are designed to evenly apply liquid fertilizers such as 28%, 30% or 32% nitrogen to wheat and other crops. Each of the four outlets on the stream bars are ported to ensure consistent delivery of fertilizer over the range of operating pressures. 

Streamer Droplets_hitting.jpg

Excellent For No-Till: Streamer bars deliver concentrated streams at equal distances, minimizing the amount of nitrogen tied up on residue, compared to the 3-hole nozzles (and especially flat fan nozzles) which increase the coverage on surface residue (in addition to the wheat leaves).  

Unaffected By Boom Height: Streamer bars produce vertical streams of fertilizer with no overlap, so product application is unaffected by boom height. 

Minimal Leaf Scorch: Streamer bars deliver streams of fertilizer, so contact with the crop is minimized. High rates of nitrogen can be applied in one pass with minimal leaf injury, even on windy days. 

Available for 15" and 20" Spacing: Stream bars are available to fit most sprayers and are available in 15" and 20" spacing.