Stewart Steel is an established Steel Fabrication Company, located in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada. Stewart Steel is known as the Home of "The Extender" unloading auger extension, "The Axceller" combine rotor kit.

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The Extender, the combine unloading auger extender from Stewart Steel, gives you the added reach when unloading your grain. Now you can add the larger header and not worry about unloading into the truck or grain cart. With “The Extender,” you get the added distance you need to avoid costly stops and slowdowns.

The Axceller Kit has Impeller blades that are ½” thick material and front hub is machined cast.

The benefits include: improved feeding into rotor takes away feeder house rumble in tough and heavy condition, increased combine capacity and improved fuel economy can be seen. This kit will increase combine capacity in all conditions.

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