Schumacher Products Available

The Schumacher Company, established in 1968 in Germany, is a global, family-owned leader in crop cutting technologies. The company specializes in croplifters, knife drives, complete cutterbar systems and cutterbar components. Argis 2000 is the eastern Canada Distributor for these excellent harvest systems to both Dealerships and direct to the Farmer. Their products can be found wherever there are stalks to be cut, or straw to be chopped or collected.  The core products of the Schumacher Company are:

  • Croplifters
  • Easy Cut cutting systems including guards, Pro Cut sections and knife assemblies
  • Pro-Drive knife drives
  • Fully assembled cutterbars for combine platforms
  • Platform reels, assembled or components

Schumacher Kits

SCH Easy Cut II - Kits

The advantages of the SCH Easy Cut II system:

  • Extremely low maintenance, because no hold downs or wear plates are used, no adjustments necessary
  • Very robust system, especially when used in wide platforms
  • Superior cutting, even in the most difficult conditions

Easy Cut II Kits are available for almost all types of combines and headers. The kits contain; the sectionalized knife assembly, all the guards plus two spare, roller guides (where possible, otherwise wear plates); hardware and one repair kit containing ten sections with bolts and nuts.

SCH Easy Cut II - Parts

The Schumacher parts program offers components, which significantly support the overall performance of harvesters. They are often subject to high wear and must be replaced regularly. We can provide high quality and fitting spare parts that ensure a simple application and safe use whether it is grain, soy, or grass crops. From guards, sickle sections, to knifeheads, we can help fill all your cutting needs.

SCH Croplifters

Schumacher Croplifters are made of high quality spring steel and are available to fit most North American guards. These height-adjustable lifters have a quick-change feature.  All styles are made of heat-treated spring steel with 5mm thick bottom runners. 

SCH Beanlifters

A Canadian Farmer who grows 1,000+ acres of edible beans has this to say about the Schumacher beanlifters: In comparison to other lifters, this lifter is much stronger and experienced longer wear along with less breakage on the finger. The simple adjustment combined with the easy removal and mounting, reduces any unnecessary downtime.  The white colour of the Pro Flex finger was much easier to see in the crop

SCH Pro-Drive

The Pro-Drive is designed as a planetary drive; it doesn’t need drive arms and reversing levers.  Pro-Drives are available in a horizontal or vertical power input version. This allows for a maximum of input power variations. The Pro-Drive advantages include absolute linear output movement, high output forces using lower torque and minimal maintenance (environmentally friendly using grease instead of oil).

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