A Precision Planting Premier Dealer is a world-class certified precision agriculture expert, with rigorous training and knowledge of the industry and issues facing Farmers today. All Premier Dealers are experienced professionals helping you increase your yields. A Premier Dealer is the only specialist that can offer the entire Precision Planting product line.

“Plant with Precision Planting” the original creator of the Planter of the Future.

We’ve always known you didn’t need to buy a new planter to make a huge impact on your farm. From our first product, the Keeton Seed Firmer, we have been making a difference on farms across the world, the planter technology we could only have dreamed of back in the early days, when research and development was in a small shed.

Whether you want to plant at double your speed, start multi-hybrid planting, or have another vision for what you want your future in farming to be, we are here for you.

Start your journey with Precision Planting and be a leader in the future of agriculture.


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