Since 1957, Nichols Tillage Tools, Inc. has focused on the most important aspect of any business: Quality. Our products have proven time and time again to be the longest lasting, best performing tillage tools on the market. We continue to be the world-wide innovator of new concepts in the industry. In fact, our ideas have been so successful that they have been adopted as standard features in cultivation tools.

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Nichols Tillage Tools is North America’s largest manufacturer of sweeps. From the smallest 2” Danish style to the wide cutting 32” row crop style and everything in between—we've got what you need!  Each part is constructed with the highest quality material using cutting-edge manufactured technology. Field Cultivator Sweeps are available in Quick Change Configurations.

Ripper Points


Nichols Tillage Tools offers a wide variety of cultivation pieces. Each part is constructed with the highest quality material using cutting-edge manufacturing technology. For years, Nichols has been known for making the longest lasting tillage tools on the market, and our commitment is to continue that tradition for years to come. 

Twisted Chisels

Nichols-Twisted Chisels.jpg

Nichols Tillage Tools manufactures three Twisted Chisel product groups, Twisted Chisels, Slash Points and Cupped Twisted Chisels. Twisted Chisels feature center-cut ends, Slash Points are diagonally cut and Cupped Twisted Chisels have center-cut ends. Cupped Twisted Chisels are concave formed to contain and direct soil more aggressively toward the side. Left and right hand versions are available for all versions.

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