Phil and his wife Holly started Needham Ag Technologies, LLC. in February 2006 to help provide agronomically proven products and agronomy services to fill voids in the market. Today, their equipment division continues to grow, along with their customer base across the US, Canada and many other countries around the world.

Our line of Needham Ag products include:

  • Firming Wheels
  • Gauge Wheels and Tires           
  • Bonilla Seed Tabs
  • Spring Spacers and Seedliners
  • Seed Brakes and Bearings
  • Seed Boots and Bushings
  • Closing and Firming Wheel Springs/Arms
  • Seed Tubes
  • Streamer Bars

Quick links to Needham Ag Technologies products:

Drill & Planter Parts | Needham Various Products | Streamer Bars

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Please call or email us with any inquiries: 519-291-4205 or