Needham Ag

Call us at Argis 2000 for a quote on Needham Ag products. We look forward to filling all your planting needs. 

Suppliers: Needham Ag Technologies

Bonilla Seed Tabs


The Bonilla Seed Tabs are tapered to match the shape of your seed slot and are rigid enough to hold seeds down. The result is more seeds held in the bottom of the seed slot

Gauge Wheel

Needham Gauge Wheel.jpg

We can supply all your Firming Wheel and Gauge Wheel requirements. Call for details and Canadian pricing

Seed Boot


Our seed boots clamp to the existing opener arms using patented bushings, which eliminate all the up/down play. No drilling required!

We can fill all your planting needs from Seedliners, Seed Brakes, Seed Boot Springs, Arm Springs, to Seed Tubes and much more