“The Original Poly People”


May Wes Manufacturing is located in the heart of farmland in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Their products are used across the seasons, from spring planting, tillage, harvest, and winter.  They are known as the ‘Original Poly People’ and they have mastered working with Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene (UHMW) material. May Wes is known across North American for poly Skid Shoes, Stock Stompers, and much more.

May Wes Skid Shoes

Run your head closer to the ground without pushing and piling soil and you will put more crop in the combine even in wet sticky conditions! 

May Wes-Skid Shoes.jpg

May Wes Stalk Stomper

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Other Products Available:

  • Grain Tank Auger Floor 
  • Auger Trough Liners 
  • Corn Savers
  • Corn Snouts 
  • Retractable Poly Fingers
  • Elevator Poly Paddles
  • Auger Wear Shoes
  • Moldboard Covers
  • Poly Pickup Bands

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Cornhead Parts | Combine Parts

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