These simple planter attachments are making it possible for more and more farmers to plant into higher levels of residue. Millions of acres are now planted this way each year and many of our customers are repeat buyers. Higher levels of mulch mean less erosion and more consistent and lower cost yields, all while the soil is rebuilding itself in preparation for supplying cheap food for generations to come. Happy planting!

We stock the following from Martin-Till and much more!

Row Cleaners that are 3/8" thick, high-strength, right- and left-toothed wheels with diamond shaped points and have greaseable hubs

Fertilizer Openers with double tapered bearing hubs and an adjustable furrow control. These openers will fit John Deere 7000 - 1700 series planters, Kinze, White 6000 & 8000 series planters

Gauge Tires with reduced inner diameter that allows your seed trench to lift and fracture. These gauge tires will fit existing John Deere, Kinze, and White rims

Closing Wheels that will move soil toward the seed at planting depth, while lifting and fracturing the surface layer to achieve compaction- free closing of the seed trench in wet, hard, or sod conditions.

Drag Chains to further crumble and level the soil. They will bolt to all MaxEmerge units, Kinze and White units with bolt-on wheels, Kinze units with roll pin attached closing wheels will need holes drilled for mounting.

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