Disc Blades

We carry an assortment of plain, notched, and wavy disc blades in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy all your tillage needs. Our Supplier’s metal forming and heat treating operations as well as robotic cutting and grinding machines produce strict dimensional control, edge sharpness and wobble tolerances that exceed every OEM specifications on the planet.

Suppliers: Ingersoll Tillage | Nichols Tillage Tools

Plain & Notched


Disc Blades are manufactured using an advanced proprietary boron steel alloy that’s the best in the industry. This very special steel alloy means that our blades are among the hardest you can buy. Hardness, Flexibility, Sharpness, Ductility Fracture toughness are all very important properties when it comes to tillage tools.

They are available in a variety of diameters, sizes, and hole types.
See lists for sizing.  Call Argis 2000 for availability and pricing.

Soil Rebel


25 wave concave coulter that is made from proprietary boron alloy steel. The shallow concavity produces high speed operation, less soil smearing, and reduced compaction. The Soil Rebel is ideal for shallow, high speed vertical tillage applications. Its aggressive wave profile is ideally designed for sizing and mixing residue with soil.

Soil Razor CT


This unique saw-tooth design is extremely well-suited for cutting through the toughest of residue and penetrating deep into the soil. As the cutting edge wears, it actually becomes more aggressive. You can continue to work with it season after season. Therefore if you are looking for an aggressive disc this is the one.

The SoilRazor CT has excellent clod-crushing capabilities at normal working speeds and yields superior performance in soft soils. If you are looking for long service life in an aggressive disc, be sure to take a closer look at the SoilRazor