Coulter Blades

We carry an assortment of wavy and rippled coulters, as well as the SoilWave, in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy all your tillage needs.

Suppliers: Ingersoll Tillage | Nichols Tillage Tools

Rippled & Wavy


All Rippled and Wavy coulters are manufactured using a rolled Micro-Alloy Boron Steel. This kind of steel can take a hardness much higher then high carbon steels. Boron steel lasts longer, they are more resistant to wear, fatigue and breakage.

They are available in a variety of diameters, sizes and hole types.

Soil Wave


Ideal for shallow, high speed applications, the aggressive wave profile of this 25 wave coulter is designed for sizing and mixing residue with soil. Made from a proprietary boron-steel allow, it's shallow concavity produces less soil smearing and reduced compaction while allowing high-speed operation.