Combine Replacement Parts

Here at Argis 2000 we can help you fill all your combine parts needs from Auger liners to feeder chains, and everything in between.  Just call or email for a quote.

Suppliers: Harvest Services | May Wes



The Air Foil Chaffer we can supply is designed to deliver an even air pressure across its entire width. It also has non-adjustable louvers which direct the airflow almost straight up. This uniform air pressure is exactly what is needed to lift the heavy blanket of chaff and allow your grain to fall through the screen while the chaff and broken straw are floated out the back of the combine. Call for details and prices

Poly Skid Shoes

Our Poly Skid Shoes are a practical replacement for OEM. Machine cut from solid sheets of UHMW Poly and formed to fit your head, these Poly Skid Shoes are available predrilled or undrilled. We carry an extensive line of brands and models.

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Elevator Chains


Our elevator chains have rubber paddles that are bolted to heavy-duty roller chain using bolts and locknuts for quick and easy repairs. These chains are made in U.S.A. and we can supply for most brands of combines.

Poly Fingers


The Poly Fingers are an ideal alternative to metal fingers because they are far less damaging when a metal finger breaks and is fed through the combine.  Unlike metal, broken poly will disintegrate before causing equipment damage.

Straw Chopper and Rotors

Redekop’s Maximum Air Velocity (MAV) Straw Chopper is a breakthrough in crop residue management. The MAV’s revolutionary design uses two zones for cutting and spreading, rather than a traditional rotor design that depends on the cutting blades to also spread the straw.

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Redekop has designed blade upgrade kits to work with most major combine brands and models sold. They have designed the blades to provide you with the best quality for optimum performance and value. Each Redekop blade upgrade kit comes with the right combination of high-quality carbide-coated blades, bolts, nuts and bushings to complete your conversion.

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