• Grain Loss Measurement System – Multi Calibration Tool

  • Magnetically attaches to any combine – no bolting or wiring required

  • Remote control release for safe operation

  • Two different size drop pans for different stubble conditions – no tipping over in long stubble!

  • Bushel Plus separator unit separates grain from MOG (material other than grain) in seconds!

  • Drop or spread your straw testing


  • Main pan (attaches to combine)

  • Two different size drop pans

  • Separator (New! variable speed options)

  • Two remotes with lanyard

  • Durable field scale

  • Manual

  • Reference Guides for all crops

  • 12 Volt Smart Charger for additional farm usage

  • Harvest Loss App


Quick links to Bushel Plus products:

Visit their website at www.bushelplus.ca

Please call or email us with any inquiries: 519-291-4205 or info@argis2000.ca