Who We Are

Argis 2000 Ltd is a supplier of quality aftermarket products for agricultural equipment.  We are located in the heart of a large farming community in Midwestern Ontario.  We have had over 15 years of successfully serving both agricultural Dealers and individual Farmers.

We started in 2000 to help address the cutting needs in the industry by offering the high quality German-made Schumacher knife systems to the Ontario market.  We have since extended the range of products we offer to include various solutions to farmer’s tillage, planting, and harvesting needs. 

We stock the following items and much more for all your farming needs:

  • Disc Blades/Openers
  • Coulter Blades
  • Combine Parts
  • Croplifters/Beanlifters
  • SCH Knife Systems
  • Sweeps
  • Needham Ag Parts
  • Concaves
  • Precision Planting
  • Drill Parts
  • Planter Parts
  • Ripper Points
  • Chaffers/Skid Shoes
  • OEM Knife/Guards
  • Discbine Knives
  • 360 Y-Drop
  • Cornhead Parts

We are also here in our community to serve the Farmer with Corn Meter servicing.

Here at Argis 2000 Ltd, we will continue to seek out respected, quality, aftermarket products to help all our Customers in the agricultural industry.