The team at 360 Yield Center is passionate about farming and have a deep interest in helping their fellow farmers. This passion is what led the Sauders to develop planting technology over the past 20 years, and it is what drives the vision of 360 Yield Center today. The farmer is at the heart of everything we do. And, our team is focused on finding and developing new farming methods and technologies to capture more yield, and ultimately returns, for farmers.



Don’t guess how much nitrogen you have left in your soil – know. 360 Soilscan is a portable soil testing system that lets you accurately test nitrate nitrogen availability and soil pH right in your field, in about five minutes.


With 360 Y-Drop you can apply nitrogen within 2-3 inches of the stalk base – that means nearly 80% of the root mass is in the application zone.

Y-Drop Sidedress

Where you place nitrogen is just as important as when you place it. Upgrade your coulter bar with 360 Y-Drop Sidedress and get precise nitrogen placement well into V6 for more flexibility and bigger yields.


With 360 Undercover, you can target your fungicide, insecticide and nutrient application where it’s needed most – under the crop canopy.


360 Chainroll chops and crimps stalks, making residue more available to microbial breakdown for better soil health and nutrient availability.

Yield Saver

Traditional corn heads have gaps in the deck plates and gathering chains that result in corn kernels falling right through. 360 Yield Saver eliminates those gaps by adding intermeshing bristles to traditional gathering chains to capture significantly more kernels.


Most rippers do a good job of leaving the surface smooth and level. But what about the soil underneath? With 360 Bullet, you can fracture the complete soil profile, eliminating subsurface berms left by other ripper points for better root penetration and access to nutrients.

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